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Art Tour to London : Van Gogh & More..


Visit London. Explore one of the greatest collections of paintings in the world at the National Gallery which celebrates its 200th anniversary with a special Van Gogh exhibition: Poets and Lovers.

Stay in the Holiday Inn Kensington.  Visit the National Gallery along with the Courthauld Gallery, Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery.

Be blown away by Van Gogh’s most spectacular paintings in this once-in-a-century exhibition in the National Gallery. Walk with a pair of lovers beneath a starry night. Look up at swirling clouds and cypress trees swaying in the wind. Stay a little while in Van Gogh’s favourite park, the ‘Poet’s Garden’, or under a shady tree in Saint-Rémy.  The National Gallery in London is bringing together your most loved of Van Gogh’s paintings from across the globe, some of which are rarely seen in public. They will be paired together with his extraordinary drawings. Book your place today. 

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