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About Institute for CultureTravel


Ireland's only dedicated Cultural Travel Provider, with a Passion for Opera Tour & Music Holidays

Institute for CultureTravel ("IFC"), is Ireland's only dedicated Cultural Travel Provider. We offer opera, ballet and classical music holidays and tours to cities across the UK, Europe and the US with departures from Ireland.  Our opera, music and cultural holidays are designed to provide unique and memorable occasions for people  enjoy and appreciate Opera, Ballet, Music, Art and History. Travel alone, with a friend or with family, get a group together, join an existing group. The majority of our tours run with between 10 and 20 participants. We limit numbers on our tours as we believe that the higher costs of smaller numbers are outweighed by the benefits of a smaller group on our specialised tours.  In addition to our programme of group tours, we offer the option of  tailormade travel for those who wish to travel independently.  Our tailormade programme includes the traditional favourites of Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Paris, Milan, Venice, Verona as well as the lesser visited destinations of Leipzig, Gdansk, Brezenz, Wroclaw and more. All our holidays offer departures from Irish airports, however, we also offer land only packages on all group tours for those wishing to join our tours at the destination.   We have a real enthusiasm for all things opera, ballet and classical music related and as such our holidays are designed to provide special, memorable occasions for people who have a genuine interest in, enjoy and appreciate Opera, Ballet, Classical Music, Art and History.  Our group holiday sizes vary from approximately 15 to 25 people ensuring a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Originally formed in Germany in 1963 as IFB, “Institut fur Bildungsreisen”, In 1997, the IFB business was formed in Ireland adopting the translated name “institute for culturetravel” and changing the abbreviated name from IFB to IFC. IFC is now part of Travel Direction Limited, a leading Irish Travel company since 1976. IFC Ireland have been creating and providing very special tours and travel arrangements to Operas, Festivals, Orchestras, Museums and Galleries in renowned Cultural cities for, amongst which are:

• Austria: Bregenz, Morbisch, Salzburg, Vienna

• Czech Republic: Prague

• France: Paris, Nice

• Germany: Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig

• Hungary: Budapest

• Italy: Milan, Verona

• Spain: Barcelona, Madrid

• UK: London

• US: New York

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