Experience historic on an IFC opera, music and culture holiday. Drive along the Royal Route with its numerous churches, monuments, historic buildings, palaces and the Parliament. Pay your respects at the former Jewish Ghetto monuments, see the Grand Theatre, the Tomb of the Unknown Solider and Palace of Culture and Science the Soviet “wedding cake” skyscraper .Carefully rebuilt after the WW2 total destruction, Warsaw'sOld Town was put on the UNESCO list of Human Heritage. The highlights include: The Royal Castle, the Barbican, The Market Square and the King Wasa column – the city landmark.

Warsaw Opera, Music and Culture for Individuals

For those interested in travelling independently to Warsaw, we will tailor-make your opera or music holiday based on your requested travel dates and requirements.   Please contact us on 01 888 7840 to request a tailor-made Stockholm Opera or Music Holiday.Opera