Discover two of Russia's most captivating cities, Moscow and St.Petersburg and witness some of the world’s most famous art, literature and history ever created. Our holidays offer you the chance to see magnificant Russia as well as enjoying opera and ballet performances in the sumptuous Mariinsky Theatre and world renowned Bolshoi Theatre

Moscow and the Bolshoi Ballet

Visit, Moscow renowned for its iconic squares and palaces. Visit the Kremlin and the Kremlin Cathedrals.   Gain insight into Russian heritage and culture and take your chance to grab a picturesque photo at this UNESCO World Heritage site. Travel back to the 12th century, when Moscow was three times smaller than the present territory of the Kremlin. Take incredible photos of Cathedral Square, considered the centrepiece of the Kremlin. Admire the place where all Russian rulers were crowned and the Tsars were buried in the middle Ages. Learn the history and explore the architectural diversity and contrast over the centuries of this great city. Experience a vibrant mixture of ancient and modern, religious and military, and Soviet and modern Moscow. Visit the famous Red Square and see where history was made with merchants, farmers, revolutionaries, soldiers, and Soviet citizens all calling Red Square their home. See the charming colourful onions dome on top of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The Cathedral has long been an integral part of Russian history, this famous church was on the Red Square long before the first Romanov dynasty came to power and survived both a war with Napoleon and World War II. Thankfully, time has remained favourable to this great cathedral and now you can feast on it with your own eyes.  Visit the GUM Department Store and imagine when the store first opened its doors, baffling its visitors with intricate architecture and exquisite goods. 

Opera in the Mariisky Theatre in St.Petersburg

Marvel at the stunning city that is St.Petersburg. Peter the Great was a man with a vision.  He was determined to show the world that Russia was not a backward nation but one that was modern and forward looking.  And to do this, he build a new city on the Baltic Sea.  Today, St.Petersburg is a legacy of his ambitions and his achievements is displayed in abundance.  Monumental buildings of state, great Churches and Cathedrals, ornate theatre and stunning art collections all add up to make St.Petersburg one of the most rewarding cities to visit.

St.Petersburg and Moscow for Individuals

For those interested in travelling independently to Russia, we will tailor-make your opera or music holiday based on your requested travel dates and requirements.   Please contact us on 01 888 7840 to request a tailor-made Russia Holiday.