Institute for CultureTravel ("IFC"), is Ireland's only dedicated cultural travel provider. We offer opera, ballet and classical music holidays and tours to cities across the UK, Europe and the US with departures from Ireland. Originally formed in Germany in 1963 as IFB, “Institut fur Bildungsreisen”, we have been creating and providing very special tours and travel arrangements to Operas, Festivals, Orchestras, Museums and Galleries in renowned Cultural cities, amongst which are:

• Austria: Bregenz, Morbisch, Salzburg, Vienna
• Czech Republic: Prague
• France: Paris, Nice
• Germany: Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig
• Hungary: Budapest
• Italy: Milan, Verona
• Spain: Barcelona, Madrid
• UK: London
• US: New York

In 1997, the IFB business was formed in Ireland adopting the translated name “institute for culturetravel” and changing the abbreviated name from IFB to IFC. IFC is now part of Travel Direction Limited, a leading Irish Travel company since 1976. 

Licenced by the Commission for Aviation Regulation, TA 0231