General information

5 days and 4 nights
Poland (Torun)
Ireland (Dublin)


8th International Copernicus Choir Competition & Festival

For Choirs

10 - 14 April 2020


Contact us

01 888 7830 or email

for more information and to request quotation for your group



Competitive participation*

Choirs may compete in the following categories:
A – with requirements
(A1 – Mixed Choirs; A2 – Male Choirs; A3 – Female
B – without requirements
(B1 – Mixed Choirs; B2 – Male Choirs; B3 – Female
Choirs; B4 – Senior Choirs)
G – Children and Youth Choirs
(G1 – Children Choirs; G2 – Youth Choirs of equal
voices; G3 – Youth Choirs of mixed voices)
S – Musica Sacra
F – Folklore
P – Pop & Jazz
* meeting in music Friendship Concert Performance
is included.

Non - competitive participation*
Choirs that choose to participate to the event
without competing may take part to the follo‐
wing activities:
• EP - Evaluation Performance
• IC - Individual Coaching
• VT - Voice Training
• FC - meeting in music Friendship Concerts

The participation at these activities is open to
choirs who are taking part at the competition,